1. Watchmaker

 Machina Ad Hominem

“What do I see? Hats and coats that cover ghosts or simulated human beings which move by springs.”                      Descartes


“…by its very nature clockwork is the antithesis of our mortal
selves. “

The Watchmaker              Machines time.
Dentist of brass teeth.      Revolutions.      Masticated movements.

(Mapping the linear_____      geography of a Flat

Mechanical Cockcrow sequencing.
The interpreter of flesh clocks.
An object unto itself.                  Out of time.
A counter of Ether – measuring                                      Zero

Cyclopeds chase one another in the figure eight cyclodrome dome of heaven.

The gods lost to history cheer with    Click(s)

The customer wants (“the minutes
the watch has lost?”) because of the leak                  the gold case.
the red ink spent .

Bent over.                  Eye glass.                  The Watchmaker
is a Trapper tightening springs.

Hour by hour.


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