8. Leviathans

“Shall not one be cast down by the sight of him? None is so fierce that dare stir him up.” Job 42:9-10

Mechanical leviathans built by
royal Clock makers.
run on tracks at the edge
of a flat earth.

Prefabricated elucidation
of the artisan’s pencil- charcoal detritus from
fire to fire. Wayward sailors
pray {recurring nightmares of flailing }.

The lone wake signifies dismay
Stygian darkness of fathoms, split bone terrors.
Supplicating saints and gods and superstitions.

Two men stoke the fires.
Pneumatic obligation of steam.
Of concentration, direction
and release. Transmission of energy to purpose.

The mad dash of sail.

Indentured men dream of falling
where the cartographer sketches
gaping mouths.


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