2. de Vaucuson


“Without Vaucanson’s shitting duck, there would be nothing to remind us of the glory of France.”    Voltaire

Immodest marriage of science and art.
Gold plated copper.      Articulation of wing
fulfilling each their Office

{Of          Omoplat,      Scapula,      Cubitius,      Humerus    &      Ginglymus}.

Tendons of wound wire
spring movement of ball bearing and socket.

Just imitation of duck.
Circumvolution of pipes.
Inefficiency of efficiency. Projection. Identification.
Muddling water.
Quack, Rise, Gulp.      Consumes.

Artifice. Delineation of life.
                                                  Interloper into divine prerogative.
Metal duck.          Golem.
     Inculcation of man as machine.

From meandering pipes to
the lowly anus.

     Golden creature.
One act play-          Title: Uncertainty          ?

Final Scene:
                                         Out of golden tail- efflux of excrement.

                                                                                                 [ A standing (Ovation).]


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